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Just who IS this guy?

Sorry folks, but this journal is Friends-Only. Take a peek under the cut for what actually goes on here.

First off, the golden rule: I don't return unsolicited friends requests. Nothing personal, but I need a reason to read your journal. Even if you just say "Dude, you seem cool, can I add you?" before doing so is cool with me, and obvs if we met through a friending meme then its all good. Otherwise finding out somebody random from IDEK, Texas (/London/Brazil/Canada etc) has started following me on here with no warning just creeps me out. In fact, if you have stumbled across me here and wanna add me then feel free to comment below.
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Wanted: Link of Hyrule, dead or alive

To celebrate my finishing the original Legend of Zelda game this afternoon, here's some random madness that I scripted in my head while playing.

Herein are excerpts taken from interviews with various eyewitnesses and survivors of the infamous terrorist known only as 'Link'.

Greg and Roy, Molblin Archers 3rd Class
ROY: H..he... he ate his...
GREG: Don't try and talk mate, you'll rip your stitches. See these gashes on his shoulder? That's from that lazer thing he does with his sword. Only a wooden one the first time he was sighted. That and his shorts & cap, you could have mistaken him for a child, if it wasn't for all the blood. Anyway, we'd just seen this 'Link' guy go through the other squad patrolling our sector, when he kneels down by one of the guys he's just killed and-
ROY: HE ATE HIS FUCKING HEART, GREG! He ripped it out and ate it!
GREG: Calm down, Roy, calm down! Anyway, it was horrible. Have you ever seen someone kill three people with a candle and a boomerang? [Gags slightly] Once he was finished he walked along the row of bushes, plain as you like, tapping each one until he got to one on the end, like he was counting. Bold as brass he torches the one he's at, and there's only a bleedin' staircase down there. I hear the guy's got a tunnel network all over Hyrule. We tried to open fire before he got away but... well, we're in the infirmary so you can tell how that turned out.
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To this day the Zelda administration denies all knowledge of Link. However, possibly due to the strain of her much-publicised battle with Stockholm Syndrome, the Princess and her recently announced fiancee declined to be interviewed. An individual matching 'Link's description was last seen making camp somewhere in the Death Mountains. Travellers are advised to steer clear.
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TWAtR// Game Emulators, Part 2

First off a little about the emulators themselves. I've just been through this process and, as of doing it today the files work and are virus free. The playstation one's the trickiest, so I've saved it until the cut. For the rest, Emulator Zone has all of these emulators I mention.

Now for some of the games. To save this being a hellaciously long post, I'll stick to the funnies for now, and recommend a few at the end that I liked.


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These are just a sample; i'll let you find your old favourites and hidden gems yourselves. Personally my recommendations are;
(PS) - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Ghost in the Shell, Doom and Final Doom,

(GB/GBA) - Zoids: Legacy, Pokemon Red and Blue, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Harvest Moon, SD Gundam Force

(SNES) - Megaman, Super Castlevania IV, Wolfenstein 3D,

Join me for the third installment where i'll reveal some of the truly weird games I found, give my thoughts on playing some of the classics for the first time and delve into the seedy world of hacked games.

Making a cameo from http://obscuritan.dreamwidth.org/7600.html

Game Review// .flow

You might remember a long time ago I had a good gush about Yume Nikki. Well, since then I read a little more into the series, discovering its fandom (who mostly lurk in places like 4chan rather than here) and learned a little bit more about the fanmade games. Since YN is an indie game (Dojin Soft), and its creator(s) prove to be pretty elusive themselves, the fans both here and in Japan made their own free games using the same RPGmaker program that YN did. So they're dojin dojin software? Woah, meta. There's mixed results, but two of them looked promising - Yume 2kki, which is unfortunately untranslated as yet (since it's also the fans who translate these games) and .flow. So I figured that, like last time, i'd talk a little about it and maybe you'd want to check it out.

Sabitsuki in her room
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So overall? It's hard to approach this as someone who didn't play the original first, and if you did it can seem a bit samey. However it does have all the same charm and atmosphere as the last one. Once again you can find yourself playing this into the night without realizing it. In fact I'm going to be charitable about this one and say you could as easily jump into the YN experience from this one as the original, and if you got a kick out of Yume Nikki itself and like free games this one is worth downloading.

Next up I'm going to talk about possibly one of my favourite new horror games Corpse Party. Stay tuned.</div>

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This is a test

This is... also a test, I guess?

EDIT: Looks like it worked. I'm now nestled in over at Dreamwidth, since it looks like a good idea for now while LJ dicks around with the formula. Since I have nothing else to do this season I'll be trying out some new things over there, and those of you who I know are over there can expect to be added.

In other news,

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Oh yeah, updates.
  • After spending yesterday trying to phone people with little success, I've gotten a moving date sorted for next Friday. Already for the past few days I've been sorting through stuff (IE with a large binbag) and chucking piles of stuff out, recycling photocopied textbooks, cutting up old magazines etc. I will of course realize after a few weeks that most of what i'll have kept is garbage, too, but hey :D
  • I finally took wasabi_girl1 's advice and checked out some Bollywood films. Or tried to at least - my shoddy laptop does not like hot weather and streaming, let alone the two together. Still, Dostana proved to be pretty darned funny (I done broke my lolbone), and I'm gonna check out Om Shanti Om afterward, assuming my computer doesn't suffer heatstroke. Wish I had a better source than Youtube though -random Part # of # missing, illegible or hilariously badly translated subtitles and more abound.
  • I'm unsure whether to get Final Fantasy I to go with Crisis Core in what will be the last PSP game purchases for a good long while.
And that's it I guess. Not much been going on, really. I.... um.... LOOK, A BEAR! *flees*
Warning - this whole venture was the result of three hours of drinking with my craziest friend (one of, I guess, in deference to my other crazy friends who might read this). Even as I write this i'm fairly drunk, and can't guarantee any logical sense. Basically we were talking about stuff, and I was waxing lyrical about Anthropology - I'd gone round to his house specifically to get one of my anthropology books back, and the pub just kind of happened. Either way, one of us (me I suspect) introduced Cthulhu mythos to the conversation (yeah, it was me I reckon), and we'd already discussed my need of a topic for a future masters degree next year. Next thing we know we're hammering out the specifics for what we dubbed "Proving the Cthulhu Mythos; A thought experiment". Oh dear god...Collapse )
Your thoughts, F!list?
A few less than usual, since I've mostly been going through compilation albums this week.

Rasputina     [38]     (Imagine Kate Bush with a Cello)
Zeromancer  [22]     [Something about German Techno here]
Puscifer          [7]      (Maynard James Keenan's techno) project)
Battle of Mice [7]      (Like Queen Adreena? Like Neurosis? Thought not. Still...)
Glee Cast       [7]      (A bit out of place next to the above, but I have good moods)

And in case I haven't forced this song down your throat yet...


What's been happening, again

Found out today that I got a 2:1 - its exactly what I was expecting, I did worst in the subject I was weakest at, etc etc etc. The one nice suprise (aside from the wine at the reception and lack of people to drink it) was that I did indeed get a 1st in both of my dissertations. Those lecturers who were around congratulated me and hoped to see me in a year's time when i'll have money/funding/a plan of what I want to do.

Today was also the last day of my work at the John Ruskin Library. I was expecting maybe a pat on the back on my way out, but I got no less than a card with messages by all the staff and a £10 gift voucher. I promptly went into town and got a hardback Lovecraft collection that I've been envious of since a couple of friends both have copies. It means I can give away my two omnibus editions, and while I'll be left with only one story not in the collection that i'll need to read - the inviting-sounding "The Picture in the House" - I'll still download the misc stuff like Azathoth etc from Wikisource at some point.

Things move apace with moving - I now have a date for when the room at magister_cain 's will be free, and a date with mother and father tomorrow to talk moving dates. I'll be back at the crapshack next weekend though for eldpollard's visit, where I hear there will be Dungeons and Dragons. Finally, a chance to RP with people who aren't drunk!

As for other stuff - I need to have a good sit down and make proper notes for that Utena/Nana fic melengro req'd (I completely forgot about it, sawwi :$) and I lost momentum with the Twilight thing when the night before last, instead of trying again with it I ate a whole large Domino's pizza and passed out in a pile of dirty clothes with lager all over me for seven hours. Awaking at midnight I understandably had better things to do. It's just as well, I guess - I get the feeling no-one was reading them. Was I wrong? Or (as is most likely) did I simply forget to be funny?

We rejoin our teens at the Prom Dress shop, where for once Bella is being called on her bullshit.
What do you think?
[Dry as toast] It looks great.
But you said that about all the dresses!
[Looks nervous, but still dry] Yeah, well I thought they were all pretty good.

Bella then bails on the other two girls to go to the bookstore. What, so she was physically incapable of going to a bookstore in her car, and had to humour her "friends" for a little while first? What, does that sort of bullshit get her off or something? Jessica somehow musters the Herculean effort not to beat the shit out of her -- I'd imagine because she realizes only a black mist would seep out of Bella's orifices instead of blood. But since Bella can do no wrong in the eyes of the lost souls whose purgatory is to be trapped in a neverending cycle of appeasing a sociopathic monster, she adds once Bella leaves "She's right though, this does look awesome". Leaving aside the fact that it does (and since I'm a semi-Heterosexual male my criteria for this is "it triples the size of her tits in a way that a high-school prom dress really shouldn't, even if it is being worn by a 20-something actress"), I had a dream last night, brought about by drinking too much Red Stripe when I did this yesterday -- apart from Bella and Edward, all the people in this movie are the souls of people who died and went to hell, but which were sold to the makers of this movie by Satan to live out an exact replica of a life whose sole purpose is to one day meet Bella Swan and kiss her ass, before sinking into the abyss between worlds. Sort of like if the Punch and Judy dolls became alive and sentient every time someone shoved their hands into them and acted out the grim narrative of crocodile hunting, sausage hoarding and spousal abuse. Stephanie Meyer, much like HP Lovecraft, is merely the conduit for this horrifying metaphysical reality.

And so on and so forth...Collapse )